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20 June 2008 @ 03:37 pm
Stay True To Me (and let us take flight) Character List  
Character List!

Note: There have been some liberties taken with the names of different actors and there will also be updated added to this list as the story progresses.

Prince David Archuleta- Crowned Prince of the Haibane's and the young lover of the warrior, David Cook. David possess strong empathy and with the guidence of his telephathic ability to speak with those of his people, he's a dangerous force against the Vampires. There's an ancient myth that speaks of only one young Haibane with the help of his lover and companions that could possibly defeat the blood thirsty creatures once and for all.

David Cook- One of the King's strongest warriors and betrothed to his lover, Prince David. Dave is out to find his lost lover and will do whatever it takes to bring him back home to the mystical land of the winged, angel like creatures called Haibanes. With the ability of strength beyond human ability and strong wings that carry him high into the skies, Dave fight's with both his heart and mind, making him a dangerous apponent, especially when love is involved.

Jared Padalecki- The happy-go-lucky Haibane psychic. His powers of the mind are strong enough to drive a man insane with a simple thought. He's a threat to both the vampires and any other enemies of the peaceful haibane's. He's also the husband of Jensen Ackles, and a dangerously lethel force when those he loves' safety is put into question.

Jensen Ackles- Kind and shy, he is the prince of the Whisperer's, a group of creatures that have the ability to walk amongst the animal world without a issue in safety. He can change into any animal creature he so chooses and speaks their languages as well. Jensen's also married to the powerful haibane psychic, Jared Padalecki and carrying their first child within his womb. He's Prince Archuleta's most trusted mentor.

Juda Lawis- The King of the vampire's trusting companion. He does all the dirty work for his master and is the one responsible for kidnapping Prince David. Strong and trained with his vampiric abilities, he's the strongest of the Vampire King's men. He can't remember his past, but holds a some sort of compassion for the young Prince, admittedly going out of his way to make sure he doesn't harm himself while in the residence of Crimson Castle. He hides his concerns with a sharp tongue and hard hitting hand, however.

King Clooney- King of the vampires and in charge of the bloody side of the war between Haibane and Vampire. A vicious man, he's not afraid to kill on the spot or drain a poor girl dry. He's out for blood and refuses to allow this war to end without complete and total submission to his power.

Zachariah Efron- The young and sweet, kind hearted chamber maid that is in charge of taking care of Prince David. The two boys have already formed a bond and although Zachariah is a vampire, he hasn't allowed that to effect his mind or heart, still as light spirited as he was as a boy, before he was turned by the man he loves, Juda Lawis. He plays a key role in helping Dave to find David.

King Archuleta- The kind, heart broken father of Prince David. He wishes for his son's safe return home and lends his own strength to the group of young men searching for his son. He and his wife are the leaders of the Haibane and wish for peace among their land, their alliances laying heavily with the Whisperers and other peaceful species of creatures.
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