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20 June 2008 @ 03:30 pm
Stay True To Me (and let us take flight)  
Disclaimer: I do not own any members of American Idol, actors from the CW, or anyone else I have used as a character in this story that has either already been fictionally created or is in fact a real person.
Author: prettifuls_pout
Title: Stay True To Me (and let us take flight) -Chapter 1
Rating: Overall NC-17
Characters: David Cook, David Archuleta, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki.
Pairings: David Archuleta/David Cook, Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, plus more pairings to be noted further on in the story.
Warnings: Completely fantasy AU which means... M/M relationships, M/M sexual situations, violence, Mpreg, foul language, not for younger viewing audiences.
Summary: All over earth, a war is waging between the Vampires and the Haibanes. In an attempt to rule the battle field, the vampires kidnap the Prince of the Haibanes, hoping to break down their forces and weaken their spirits into surrender. There's only one problem; the Prince's lover. Powerful and ready to claim his beloved, he will seek out his lover and bring him home with the help of a few trusting friends. Where love is concerned, nothing is off limits.
Author's Note: So since I've finished another story I stopped working on a long while back and have it sent off for editing with a close friend, I've decided to write something completely random that's been stuck in my head for quite a while. It's a cross between different RPS fandoms and hopefully nothing in this will upset readers. If it so happens to do so, then I advise you check the warnings and not read if it isn't in your taste.

Note: I advise you read the character summaries if you wish to understand a lot of what's going on with different characters for it'll take a while to get into depth for each one.

Chapter 1

The cool air whistled on past him, making a shiver slowly trail through his veins. A chill was crawling under his skin and he wished for nothing more than a hot cup of coffee and the morning paper. Looking around him at the rugged land, he had to chuckle, the sun rising dim and at it's own leisurely pace in the distance. He'd be lucky to find another soul within fifty kilometre's of him, let alone a coffee shop or news stand.

"You coming, Dave?"

It was Jared's voice, pulling him from his thoughts. His head turned and Dave took in the sight of his friend and partner on this trip. Nodding, he turned his gaze away, looking back out at the landscape. "Yeah, I'm coming. You see that over there?" He pointed out into the distance, eyes squinting. "Those caves look like they could be the place. We hurry, we could make it there by sundown."

"My reading's say that the temperature's going to drop to at least minus thirty degrees celcius tonight, you sure about this? The chopper's still back up on the cliff if you've changed your mind." The soft, deep Texan drawl came from Jared's best friend and long time lover, Jensen.

David shook his head, determination set in his jaw, body rigid, matching his stubbornly set mind. "I promised I'd find him, and I'm not gonna leave until I do."

Jensen remained silent, casting a quick look to Jared who only nodded and wrapped his arm around the slightly shorter man's waist. Smiling a little dangerously, Jensen gave Dave a look with such passion filled eyes, it could've matched that of his own. "Alright then boys, lets get moving."

Dave pulled the collar of his thick jacket up around his neck a little higher and hiked up his backpack over his shoulder, preparing for the long trek downwards.

- - -

"Please sir, forgive me-"

The boy cut off with a cry of pain as a hard hand fell against his cheek, sending him sprawling onto the floor. Chocolate eyes blown wide as saucers, he stared up at his captor fearfully.

The solid frame of the man that had stolen him what seemed only days ago but in fact was over six months, stalked forwards, crouching down so that he was nose to nose with the younger male. "I told you, you're not to leave this room." The voice was deep and gravelly, and if it were a different time or place, the boy was sure he would've shuddered with attraction. Now he merely shivered with shame and disgust.

"I'm sorry, I needed some air and no one would let me leave-"

Firm, ice cold hands gripped his biceps, tugging him forward as if he were merely a rag doll to be shoved around. "And I told you to wait until someone came back. You're not to wander this cave, boy, you hear me? Some of the men in here ain't seen such a pure, pretty face like yours in long time, you think they'd give a damn about tarnishing your innocence? Huh?" The man gave him a shake and the boy tried to hold back a sob, chest constricting and eyes clenching shut.

"You stay in this room, and don't think of leaving. Remember the last time you tried to escape? Think you can handle the consequences again?" The man's voice was cruel and the boy's eyes flew open, tears filling in them as he gave soft white wings a flutter, wrapping himself up in their warmth.

"No! No, stop it! Please! I'm sorry! I won't -don't.. Oh god please don't -NO!"

The memory made the boy shudder and he curled up on himself, staring at the man weakly. His wings had taken months to recover from the clipping they'd been given, the bones aching from the strain that had been caused by the careless plucking of feathers. "I won't leave again, I promise."

The man seemed pleased, a cruel, open mouthed grin flashing white, saliva slicked canines that had sharpened into narrow tips. "Good. Now sleep, the master has plans for you and we can't have you falling asleep on him again, now can we?"

The slam of the solid wood door made him jump and the boy crawled over to a corner of the room, ignoring the warm bed that tempted him. He could hear their voices, the presence of those that wanted to taint his purity, claim him and steal his energy.

"David... Come here David.. We won't hurt you.. We'll make it good, just give us a taste.. Just a taste.. So hungry for you David..."

"No!" He screamed, tears falling from his eyes as his body trembled, shaking with fear and the knowledge of the unknown. He couldn't let them get him, wouldn't give in. He'd lasted six months, three days and fourteen hours, he could hold them back, make due with crawling into the makeshift bed he'd constructed in the corner.

Warmth heated his veins and he whimpered. "Please, no. Not again, leave me alone. Please," His groin ached and soon he felt his most private of areas filling, dizziness filling him from the sudden blood rush. "No," He shook his head, staring down at the bulge rapidly forming in his white cotton pants he'd been force to wear day after day while in captivity.

Their faces appeared on the mattress, naked bodies pressing together, as they purred at him. "Archie... We'll give you everything he couldn't ... We'll make it good for you. Come to us Archie..."

Throwing his head back, he clenched his eyes shut, scream tearing from his throat. "Stop it!"

- - -

Dave grunted as he reached the top of another hill, eyes landing on the castle of caves not three hundred metre's from them.

"Wow," Jensen murmured, eyes glossy with fatigue and surprise.

Jared whistled, coming up behind Jensen to wrap his arms around his lover, hands resting on the flat of his stomach, covered in layers of thick jacket and sweaters. They smoothed gently over the area, a light aura coming from his hands as he murmured in a language spoken only among those of their species. Jensen mewled, eyes falling shut and head lolling back to rest on Jared's shoulder.

"Three weeks and two days, love," Jared whispered, a smile on his lips as he pressed them in a gentle kiss to Jensen's jaw.

Jensen smiled, opening bright emerald eyes as he stared at Jared with a look of pure, undiluted love. "How'd you know?"

"I know everything," He smirked, tapping the top of his own skull. The movement of his hands away from Jensen's stomach broke the aura and the glow stopped, making Jensen shiver longingly.

Clearing his throat, Dave smiled at his two friends, feeling a pang of longing for his lost lover. "You two think you can keep your hands off each other long enough to set up camp in those caverns over there?" He nodded in the direction of a smaller batch of caves. With a look to Jared, he waited, giving the shaggy haired young man time to shut his eyes and mumble under his breath, casting the familiar spell with ease.

Eyes opening once more he smiled and nodded. "It's clear, of them at least. There's a few rodents and maybe a wolf or two, but other than that, it looks pretty good."

"Nothing I can't handle," Jensen smiled slyly, eyes flashing a brighter shade of green, pupils elongating and narrowing to catlike slits before returning to the way they'd been before.

Nodding, Dave wiped his brow and tossed a look at the castle where he knew his lover waited for him, before heading towards the small area of caves that they'd use as shelter. "C'mon then, we don't have much time if we wanna set up a field to block them from noting our presence."

Taking Jensen's hand, Jared kiss the top of the gloved anatomy before winking and walking after Dave, Jensen following not too far behind.

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write_prettiful: D2write_prettiful on September 30th, 2008 01:59 am (UTC)
I'm actually considering taking this down since it was based off a novel I've already got half written. It's on pause until I decide what to do :( Sorry! <3